January 15, 2011

Innovative marketing....

Recently went to Shopper's stop, for ...well...shopping...

Saw this stall, in the women's clothing section...

I think this whole idea of buying a holiday over the counter is brilliant!! Most people hate planning trips, and wish someone else would do it for them, the whole gig of booking hotels, sight seeing and so on...
An what's a better place than where women will see it and pester their husbands to take them on those trips!
I love the packaging, it also has a cards pack in it, for entertainment :)

July 10, 2010

Recipe for disaster Part 2 - Micromax

There are a lot more ads out there that Micromax has come up with, jarring people's emotions and nerves,toeing the line between totally being written off and making people notice their product.

Case in point - One does not easily get rid of Akshay Kumar's annoying laughter, but the ad literally burns itself in the brain, and the imagery of him playing virtual destructive tennis in the kitchen unwittingly comes up when you think of gaming and mobiles in the same context.

One of their ad, that is their best till date, would be the one that targets women(demographic -25-40 something)

July 5, 2010

Recipe for disaster - Part 1 : Micromax

The theme for Micromax mobiles seems to be disaster....the ads end up in someone dying or getting seriously hurt.
The ads range from making you feel very irritated - Akshay Kumar laughing continuously in an extremely annoying manner for 40 seconds while he destroys an entire kitchen ; a little uncomfortable - boy gets bumped off by car; very uncomfortable - boy unknowingly shoves a baby down the escalator.

March 13, 2010

You talkin' to me?

You hire the top star for endorsements and brand promotions, you have a brilliant marketing campaign, and a million customers already.....you cant go wrong....right? Not really....and this is why....
With the financial year coming to an end, I was short of receipts and time, so this time I decided to stop searching for my receipts and use their call centre services to get what I needed.

A couple of instances stuck on clearly in my head, and that's how they ended up in this post -

HDFC bank customer service -

I have subscribed to almost every service possible with HDFC, because their online accounts are easy to use and are well integrated with addon services like MFs and trading. So its surprising, that a bank with such a strong online presence, should really lack at the mouthpiece end.

November 18, 2009

Do you see me?

Driving around Parle West, saw this huge ad banner on a famous college building, so I clicked it...and then thought about it. The immediate thing that struck me , was the target was bang on, the tag line was cool, and something told me, colleges didnt allow branding. So then as usual, my digging(googling) began...