July 10, 2010

Recipe for disaster Part 2 - Micromax

There are a lot more ads out there that Micromax has come up with, jarring people's emotions and nerves,toeing the line between totally being written off and making people notice their product.

Case in point - One does not easily get rid of Akshay Kumar's annoying laughter, but the ad literally burns itself in the brain, and the imagery of him playing virtual destructive tennis in the kitchen unwittingly comes up when you think of gaming and mobiles in the same context.

One of their ad, that is their best till date, would be the one that targets women(demographic -25-40 something)

What works for it -
1. The theme of the ad is vanity....and the target is women, destined to work.
2. They've got the right person to advertise. It's easy to associate Twinkle Khanna with bling, and is well known to the target age group.
3. The tag line is simple and fits perfectly with the theme - "it twinkles". Very easy to remember!!
4. The ad is humorous, and though the theme is still disaster caused by the phone, nobody dies
5. The only feature advertised is that its bling, again, no talk of any other features, though it does have quite a few of em.

What does not -
The pricing. One would not expect a Swarovski crystal mobile to cost below INR 5000. It's affordable to the teens, and that doesnot seem to be their target(atleast from the ad). Would a lot of wannabe socialites be that gullible to sport a micromax bling phone if it's NOT expensive? I'm not sure...

So are they finally getting closer to getting the formula right ?

To be continued....

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