October 26, 2009

Going Natural

I saw this print ad for Odomos naturals day before, it was a huge half page ad, with a kid arm wrestling with another kid (this kid being made of mosquitoes…gross but enough to make a parent paranoid). It said its non sticky and smells nice and is non allergic.

Later on during the day, I saw another naturals ad, with Vidya Balan in a park, seductively confiding to the camera the new cream repellant is…the same three things….

October 14, 2009

The Brand Blog!!


Welcome to Total Recall....that's a very silly sounding name for a blog, so is the link "brand it like it is", but the blog name will stay as a reminder to not start a new blog at midnight when the brain cells are almost shut down, and the link, I cant do much about, for most of the link names I could think of, seem to be already taken!!

So if you've read past the rant, this blog will talk about brands. And ads, and people who are brands. And target segments, and crappy ads, and good ones. Basically everything under the sun that even comes close to a brand. Welcome to the blog!!!!