November 18, 2009

Do you see me?

Driving around Parle West, saw this huge ad banner on a famous college building, so I clicked it...and then thought about it. The immediate thing that struck me , was the target was bang on, the tag line was cool, and something told me, colleges didnt allow branding. So then as usual, my digging(googling) began...

But before I come to that, the ad that got my grey cells ticking:

The tag line: Boost your chances

Target: going that they their chances

Does it work: Im quite sure it does, the tag line is suggestive yet not crass, but some doubts prevailed, as the target seemed a bit off. I dont know, maybe it's the times, but for us HSC was a bit too early for attracting attention, where most students were more weighed down by percentages and career streams.

On second thoughts though, it seemed odd that a college would allow an ad like that floating down its walls. I mean, agreed the building needs more than a dash of paint, but I'm sure they wouldn't stoop so low. Thankfully I had another close up of the ad:

Ahh, the fine print!!!

It says " Paragana 2009" at the bottom!! The strange thing is, that is not Mithibai's festival, but actually a B school festival of Narsee Mongee, which , for those who dont know, is right across Mithibai!!! That explained a lot of things!! Not only does the target get more focussed( anyone associated with B schools knows that they have enough money to buy AXE, and they definitely are looking out to "boost their chances"), but things seem to have worked in the favor of AXE, as it got a huge dull backdrop for its really big ad(NM isnt as tall, and is painted) as NM and Mithibai belong to the same organisation.

Well one mystery solved is one mystery less...and for those who are wondering my take on this advertising...I have to admit it's quite good....

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ivanhoe said...

Well, I do not have a marketing background and I might be wrong….but this is how I feel…. I doubt that the affluent background of business students was one of the factors that made them unfurl the banner over the building walls. Axe is not substantially more expensive than its competing brands (if one were to use a deodorant he might as well for once use Axe). It’s a question of whether it has been found out that a greater proportion of business students *use* a deodorant, say, as compared to undergrads. (Remember, although the proportion might be more, the number might be much less and it is the absolute number that Axe will be interested in). I wouldn’t be surprised if they put the same banner outside any other degree college where there is ample visibility (say, during their festival).

The only reason for the ad that I can think of, is that students from colleges around Mumbai would gather at NM and so the banner visibility would be very high. Also, I doubt if the unpainted background will influence my perception but then as I said I might be wrong… but I agree that the building needs a dash of paint and much more when I realize that it is a Kelavani mandal institution…:-)… where ‘affluent’ gets a whole new meaning. And BTW I m sure that even undergrads look to boost their chances ….I certainly did :-)…never mind HSC…